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Grace 3-Z44 Hand Quilting Frame

 Grace 3-Z44 Hand Quilting Frame
 Grace 3-Z44 Hand Quilting Frame
Product Code: Grace 3*Z44 Hand Quilting Frame
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 The Z44 comes equipped with all of the necessary extensions to set up the frame as a King 109", Queen 95", Twin 73", and Crib 59". You virtually receive four frames for the price of one, making it the most cost effective system on the market.

Each layer of fabric is held on its own rail where you have absolute control over it. All layers come together in the front of the frame where they are comfortably quilted. Our raised middle rail keeps all layers firmly together with no sagging, shifting, separating, and no basting!

The Z44 frame is also compact-- only 35 inches from front to back giving you a 14 inch tiltable work area. Two sets of braces underneath the frame provide stability without compromising any leg space. Completely Adjustable: Now there is a quilting system that can accommodate any seating height. The new ratcheting height adjustment allows you to effortlessly raise or lower the frame to several different heights-no tools required. You can even quilt standing up. The Z44 has a ratchet tilt design that allows the work area to tilt to six different positions, from horizontal to nearly vertical. You no longer have to sit in the same position when you quilt. The unique "Z" design puts the pivot point in the front, so no matter what angle you have it, you will never lose your leg space. All adjustments can be done in seconds, with no tools required. Fourth Rail Comes Standard: The Z44 is the first and only frame that comes standard with four rails. The Fourth Rail Kit holds the batting independent from the other fabric layers. This makes it much easier to manage, especially when the batting is thick or delicate. Smooth Rolling Ratchet Wheels: Extra-large 50-tooth ratchet wheels provide the finest tension control of any frame ever.

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